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Full Sail Course: Project and Portfolio IV

This course culminated in a Lighting Design Project where we were tasked with fixture selection, placement, scheduling, and rigging design to develop our skills with Lightwright and Vectorworks.

For this project, I was given a corporate event with a Q&A layout for the daytime and a band performance for the nighttime. For each portion of the event, I combined the resources we were given to ensure my photometrics were within a set standard and there were no blind spots for the cameras.

The lighting rig consisted of various Automated and Conventional fixtures placed at different locations among the truss system and stage. For the Q&A, there was a table for the Panel and a podium for the MC, which had to be evenly lit. For the band performance, there were various risers for different sections. Each section was required to have a base set of lights, as well as a series of lights for visual effect. Two spotlights were by the front of the house to round off the lighting rig. The video setup consisted of four cameras and two projectors. These projectors were set up on either side of the stage, with the screens inset into the pipe and drape. The four cameras were placed on risers at varying positions among the audience. The rigging consisted of 8 sets of trusses total, with 14 motors and two truss lifts. Four motors were used to suspend the truss systems for the projectors, while the remaining ten were used to hang the lighting rig. The two lifts were used to supplement the lighting rig for the backlight.

Overall, this project taught me much about Vectorworks’ capabilities and functionality. I also learned much about lighting design and the necessary amount of lighting for events. I am excited to put this newfound knowledge to use and continue learning throughout my time at Full Sail.

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