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Full Sail Course: Project and Portfolio III

This course culminated in a Singer/Songwriter Performance that consisted of a Video Team to capture the talent, a Lighting Team for the setup and design, and an Audio Team to capture and record all audio for the performance.

For this performance, the position I held was Stagehand/Photographer. I was tasked with the photographing the performance and stepping in to assist wherever needed. Along with these tasks I also ended up assisting the Video Team as a Camera Operator.

The audio setup for the show included mic and monitor wedge placement/routing, stage rack routing, and programming for both the FOH and Simulcast mixers. Along with show audio the comms setup was also required to ensure ease of communication throughout showtime. The lighting setup consisted of installing the string lights for the backdrop, then loading the show file to the lighting controller, and correcting any issues within the scenes. Lastly, the video setup required the setup of cameras with an SDI running to the switcher in a broadcast room, as well as the retired power for the camera. There was also a GoPro installed in various locations to record BTS footage as well as show footage. The camera I operated during the performance was the Sony PXW-Z280. This camera was mounted on a tripod and dolly to achieve more dynamic shot choices.

Our team worked cohesively through all steps of the process to coordinate this performance. All together we designed, developed, and produced this critical addition to the portfolios of our team members. I’m excited to see the contributions this team will make during our Full Sail careers and beyond.

Power in Numbers


Live Cameras


Audio Inputs


Hours for Load In, Performance, and Strike

Project Gallery

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