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Full Sail Course: Project and Portfolio II

This course culminated in a Production that consisted of a Keynote Presentation, a Video Team to capture the presenter, a Lighting Team for the stage and backdrop, and an Audio Team to capture and record all audio for the presentation.

For this presentation, the position I held was Video Engineer. I was tasked with the operation of the video switcher and design of the live program feed. Along with these tasks I was responsible for the operation of the recording device for the production.

The switcher used for this presentation was a Ross Crossover 12. The main inputs for the video were the live camera and the keynote. The camera utilized was the Sony PXW-Z150 sending a live feed to the switcher via an SDI cable. The talent’s presentation was sent to the switcher via a HDMI to SDI Decimator, and was controlled by the talent with a remote.

Our team worked cohesively through all steps of the process to coordinate this presentation. All together we designed, developed, and produced this critical addition to the portfolios of our team members. I’m excited to see the contributions this team will make during our Full Sail careers and beyond.

Power in Numbers


Live Cameras


Audio Inputs


Hours for Load In, Performance, and Strike

Project Gallery

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